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50th Anniversary Logo Design competition

To celebrate our school 50th anniversary, logo design competition in whole school approach was taken place. Many creative, attractive and appealing works were collected. And here are top 50 as highlights. Please enjoy!

Illustrated version.jpg
Champion 4C 12.jpeg
1st runner up 5D 4.jpeg
2nd runner up 4D 2.jpeg
Champion 4C12
1st runner up 5D 4
2nd runner up 4D 2
1A 13.jpg
1A 20.jpg
1B 11.jpg
1C 04.jpg
1A 13
1A 20
1B 11
1C 04
1C 24.jpg
1C 26.jpg
1D 1-2.jpg
3C 9.jpeg
1C 24
1C 26
1D 1-2
3C 9
4A 1.jpeg.jpeg
4A 4.jpeg
4A 6.jpeg
4A 1
4A 4
4A 6
4A 8.jpeg
4A 12.jpeg.jpeg
4A 13.jpeg
4A 26.jpeg
4A 8
4A 12
4A 13
4A 26
4B 3.jpeg
4B 5.jpeg
4C 2.jpeg
4C 3.jpeg
4B 3
4B 5
4C 2
4C 3
4C 6.jpeg
4C 11.jpg
4D 1.jpeg
4D 6.jpeg
4C 6
4C 11
4D 1
4D 6
4D 7.jpeg
4D 20.jpeg
4D 24.jpeg
4E 1.jpeg
4D 7
4D 20
4D 24
4E 1
4E 4.jpeg
4E 10.jpeg
4E 16.jpeg
4E 18.jpeg
4E 4
4E 10
4E 16
4E 18
4F 3.jpeg
4F 4.jpeg
4F 6.jpeg
4F 7.jpeg
4F 3
4F 4
4F 6
4F 7
4F 8.jpeg
4F 9.jpeg
4F 12.jpeg
4F 18.jpeg
4F 8
4F 9
4F 12
4F 18
5A 6.jpeg
5A 16.jpeg
5D 7.jpg
5D 27.jpg
5A 6
5A 16
5D 7
5D 27
5E 2.jpeg
5E 17.jpeg
5E 24.jpeg
5E 2
5E 17
5E 24